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Telerad Group makes new CTO appointment to drive healthcare innovation, 2nd Aug 2023- Biospectrum India

Bengaluru-based Telerad Group, a leading global provider of remote radiology services, has announced the appointment of Madhusudhan KM as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With his extensive experience in the IT industry, building technology and infrastructure for scale, Madhusudhan joins Telerad Group at a pivotal moment as the company is poised for exponential growth. 

In his capacity, Madhusudhan assumes a crucial role of driving the organisation’s technological transformation. With over 32 years experience in the IT industry, Madhusudhan has held several leadership positions in Alfaive, Mindtree (From BM press release) MISys and Singapore Airlines amongst others and nurtured the growth of various organisations.

Being a seasoned business leader, Madhusudhan will be responsible for crafting a comprehensive technology strategy, analysing market trends, and adopting emerging technologies to keep Telerad Group at the forefront of the healthcare industry. He will lead the technology team, fostering collaboration and driving innovation to optimise processes and ensure regulatory compliance. With his guidance, Telerad Group aims to strengthen its technology infrastructure, enabling the delivery of exceptional healthcare services across India and beyond.


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