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Teleradiology Overview – why teleradiology services benefit the community, the clinician and the radiologist.

  • Recent years have seen an increasing global shortage of radiologists and skilled manpower in radiology
  • An ageing population across the globe with greater prevalence of cancer, heart disease and cerebrovascular diseases, all requiring imaging technologies for their detection and follow-up
  • The rapid evolution of high-speed and high-resolution technologies with newer modalities now available for diagnosis = 64 slices CT, Ultrafast 3 Tesla MRI
  • An increasing need for emergency services with radiology being the key to diagnosis.
  • Turnaround times for reports are critical in delivering timely treatment. In the emergency setting these need to be as short as 30 minutes while in outpatient setting, 24-36 hours is becoming the standard expectation

For all these reasons and more, teleradiology represents an idea whose time has come.

Experience the benefits that teleradiology can provide your clinic/hospital/radiology group/health system/organization by spending a few moments on our website

“I wish to thank you for the excellent radiology services you provide to our group, hospital, and referring physicians throughout the year. We greatly appreciate your hard work and commitment.”

Dr. Ceballos

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