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Transform your imaging services (and your life) by partnering with Teleradiology Solution’s Nighthawk Services.

Read Accuracy:

With an increase in the use of 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, radiologists end up working for longer shifts providing "Real Time Image Interpretations".

A tight job market, increasing high volumes, and a dearth of adequate staff, radiologists often find themselves working harder and are exhausted leading to burnout. Lack of adequate rest and sleep due to prolonged working hours not only affects the radiologist's health, social life, and professional productivity but also interpretive accuracy and the quality of reads.

Since we operate from both the sides of the globe across 23 Delivery Centers in 4 countries worldwide, our radiologists primarily work during their daytime and occasionally on early evenings, without compromising their sleep.

So it doesn’t matter which hour of the clock it is, you can always count on us!

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We provide you with “State-of-art Teleradiology Services” that meets all your imaging interpretation requirements in an Emergency Department (ED) and after-hours setting.


Comprehensive Teleradiology Coverage Committed to Turnaround Time:

Our reports are of high quality, comprehensive, detailed and delivered in a rapid turnaround time with a focus on acute triage decisions that allows optimal patient care.

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Now forward your after-hours images to our expert panel of radiologists and get immediate high quality reports delivered to your ED and inpatient floors.

Intuitive software:

An inbuilt system that prioritizes cases based on protocol requirement.

For example, in cases of trauma, stroke and other stat/critical emergencies such as aortic dissection, etc., the system assigns cases to the Radiologist’s work lists with an alert to be read next. It assigns the cases depending on each body section to the appropriate radiologist to be read concurrently, allowing the physician to initiate immediate treatment for Quality patient care. For example cases of head, face, orbits, cervical spine, and neck are preferentially assigned to a Neuroradiologist.

Highly Personalized, Responsive Services:

While working in the ED setting radiologists will often provide only a brief analysis of the findings that leaves many unanswered questions. Our strong line of communication between the radiologist and physician bridges the gap. This facilitates smooth handling of cases with recommendations and suggestions for followup and further imaging if required.

Now, also avail of our elective read services for all your pending night shift reports, so that a pile of inpatient scans from last night doesn’t disturb your regular daytime schedule.

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Fee for Service Model:

Affordable services with absolutely no hidden costs.

Pay only for the cases that you send us.

As the footfall of an ED is highly unpredictable and variable, hiring a team of in-house radiologists exclusively for nightshifts can burn a hole in your pocket. Cut your budget by hundreds of thousands of dollars and at the same time increase the quality of patient care.

Uncompromised Quality:

Strong Quality Assurance process with a peer review system modeled on American College of Radiology Peer Review Process. We ensure the best quality and exceptional precision in our reports with a focus on superior patient care.

High-end Security:

We are HIPAA compliant and have strong security mechanisms in place to protect data security and information.

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Resident night call can be a nightmare for the resident, and for you… but not any longer, with TRS resident support workflow

Our Resident Support Workflow combines resident on-call training/support and high quality, timely reporting by a Board Certified Radiologist

  • - Resident issues the initial report and communicates with ED staff
  • - Our American Board certified radiologist(ABR) overreads the resident report and communicates any discrepancy to the resident
  • - Our American Board certified radiologist(ABR) submits a report to the ED with copy to the resident

This is particularly helpful with

  • - Busy ERs where the resident is busy with ultrasound imaging and ED consults
  • - Complex and subspecialty type examinations, including stroke
  • - Providing immediate feedback to the resident allowing them to learn immediately, on the job
  • - Limiting medicolegal exposure
  • - Reducing the workload on the day staff by eliminating patient callbacks and M and M reviews.

Additional Features:

1. Performance tracking:

We can provide you with quality/discrepancy data on your residents’ performance on-call:

Discrepancies or additional findings can be analyzed to assess deficiencies in a resident’s training and provide guidance for additional focus.

2. Online Resident Education:

Your residents will also be provided complimentary access to our Radguru online training portal and its contents.

Why Teleradiology Solutions


Say Yes! to a Stress-free, Board Certified Teleradiology Service that is HIPAA compliant and is Joint Commission accredited for 5 times in a row now.


We understand that every second counts when treating a patient in the ED and apply standard emergency protocols for all critical value examinations such as stroke, cord compression, trauma, chest pain/dissection, etc. Our radiologists are available and can connect immediately with the referring physician over a call to discuss critical findings.

Stay ahead in the market with our cost-effective and reliable after hours reporting services that lessen the pressures which routinely present themselves in the ED setting.

Our quality reporting services within Emergency Radiology include Trauma Imaging, Musculoskeletal Imaging, Neuroradiology, Body and Abdominal imaging, Vascular Imaging, Pediatric Imaging, Nuclear Imaging, Obstetric and Gynecologic Imaging.

To find out more about our Nighthawk Services, or how we can help you manage your emergency imaging services differently—with the insight that comes from the nation’s leading teleradiology practice, contact us today!!

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