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Accurate image interpretation with better 3D visualization - More insightful imaging diagnosis -Enhanced treatment planning image solutions?

Why 3D?

With the increasing deployment and utilization of high-end CT and MRI 3D imaging services, comes increasing complexity of data.

Now you can handle complex vascular and neuroimaging cases with increased confidence.

Optimal utilization of imaging modalities with upgraded post processing services with no additional software cost ensures you get

  1. Swift, thorough and complete evaluation of anatomy
  2. Minute detailing of complex findings
  3. Reduced reading time-A better tool for Clinical decision-making

For entities such as aortic or cerebral aneurysm or vascular occlusion/stenosis which can result in life threatening complications, 3D image post processing can add significant clinical value. It facilitates accurate diagnosis, treatment and subsequent follow up benefitting patient care and clinical outcomes.

Not just this, 3D imaging increases the patient’s participation in terms of better understanding of their own diagnosis and facilitates their co-operation in treatment planning decisions.

“What used to be indistinguishable comes into focus”

Teleradiology Solutions 3D image post processing services

Our post processing services are tailor-made to meet the growing demand for advanced radiology services.

Why compromise when you have world class equipment?

Your Advanced imaging techniques, further embellished with our post processing services

A world class robust solution offering you effective 3D post-processing that can

  • Bring out the best of high resolution visualization techniques.
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Minimize staff constraints, with no additional trainings
  • Reduced operating expenses and capital expenditures.

Potential gains in scan volume

Our Highlights

  • Our Collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) to perform 3D post processing services using a global model of delivery to efficiently provide after-hours services.
  • Dedicated Infrastructure with cutting edge technology, software and exceptional calibre of our radiologists.
  • Get 3D when you want it, with no more waiting, thanks to our global model which creates an ideal environment for 24-hour service, especially useful in the emergency setting.

Our 3D services include

  • Neuro Radiology
    1. Head CTA/MRA
    2. Neck CTA/MRA
    3. Head CT/MR venography
    4. Head CT/MR perfusion
    5. Facial bones
    6. Mandible CT for inferior alveolar nerve
    7. Pediatrics CT for craniosynostosis
  • Cardiac Radiology
    1. Cardiac CTA
    2. Chest CT/MR for pulmonary vein evaluation prior to ablation
    3. Chest CT for pulmonary arteries
    4. Cardiac Calcium scoring
    5. Pediatric Cardiac CT and MRI in congenital heart disease
  • Vascular Radiology
    1. CTA/MRA for abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Aortic Aneurysm
    2. CTA/MRA for pre and post op Thoracoabdominal Aneurysm (TAA)
    3. CTA/MRA for Aortic dissection
    4. Abdominal CTA/MRA for mesenteric ischemia
    5. Abdominal/pelvis MRA/ MRV for portal and deep vein thrombosis
    6. MRA upper extremity Runoff
    7. CTA Runoff
    8. MRA Chest
    9. MRA vascular Runoff
    10. Renal MRA for stenosis


  • Chest Radiology
    1. Chest CT for tracheal lesion (Virtual Bronchoscopy)
    2. Chest CT for Video assisted Thoracotomy (VAT) planning
  • Abdominal Radiology
    1. Liver Resection/ LiverDonor vascular anatomy
    2. CT Liver Volumes
    3. CT Urography/Hematuria
    4. CT renal donor
    5. MRCP
    6. Pancreas CTA
    7. MRI Liver and Spleen volume for Gaucher’s diseaseetc
  • Bone and Joint Radiology
    1. Skeletal fracture (Spine, face, pelvis, temporal bone and small joints)
  • Breast Radiology
    1. 3D MIP of pre and post contrast subtracted MRI images

Why Teleradiology Solutions


Say Yes! to a Stress-free, Board Certified Teleradiology Service that is HIPAA compliant and is Joint Commission accredited for 5 times in a row now.


We understand that every second counts when treating a patient in the ED and apply standard emergency protocols for all critical value examinations such as stroke, cord compression, trauma, chest pain/dissection, etc. Our radiologists are available and can connect immediately with the referring physician over a call to discuss critical findings.

Stay ahead in the market with our cost effective and reliable after hours reporting services that lessen the pressures which routinely present themselves in the ED setting.

Our quality reporting services within Emergency Radiology include Trauma Imaging, Musculoskeletal Imaging, Neuroradiology, Body and Abdominal imaging, Vascular Imaging, Pediatric Imaging, Nuclear Imaging, Obstetric and Gynecologic Imaging.

To find out more about our 3D Imaging Teleradiology Services, or how we can help you manage your emergency imaging services differently—with the insight that comes from the nation’s leading teleradiology practice, contact us today!!

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