Telerad Foundation Trust

The Telerad Foundation, a telemedicine initiative, was established in 2007 by Teleradiology Solutions as a not for profit trust with the goals of:

  • Providing teleradiology support to hospitals in rural or semirural or under-served areas in Asia that are unable to obtain on-site radiology coverage, and thereby provide a higher standard of diagnosis and care to such communities
  • Developing low cost technologies to make the delivery of such services feasible to locations where high-speed broadband has not yet penetrated.
  • Disseminating knowledge and training in the field of teleradiology and telemedicine to raise the overall standard of medical care in the community.


Telerad Foundation reported 100504 free radiology scans till date

Supported by the radiologists at Teleradiology Solutions and by Telerad Tech’s radiology workflow software RADSpa

Be a volunteer

Volunteer and read charity scans

To read a scan per day and to deliver an e-lecture in Radiology

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