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Meet Your Future Radiology Partners at Arab Health 2024

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We're thrilled to extend a warm invitation to you and your esteemed organization to join us at Arab Health.
Visit our pod for a live demonstration of the state-of-the-art AI-powered RISPACS and distributed teleradiology platform designed to revolutionize the reporting workflow.

Why Visit Us?

Powering Progress

Our suite of radiology software solutions does not just power Teleradiology Solutions, one of our largest global clients, it is a PACS agnostic workflow solution designed by radiologists for a seamless reporting workflow across multiple sites be it Hospital, Diagnostic Center or Clinics

Innovation Hub

Witness firsthand how our innovative technology streamlines workflows, enhances diagnostics, and propels radiological practices into the future.

Excellence Across Borders

From routine scans to specialized reporting, our tele reporting services transcend geographical boundaries, covering 3 continents, delivering quality radiology services to diverse healthcare ecosystems.

Global Trust

Trusted by prestigious hospitals and diagnostic centers worldwide for remote reporting

What to Expect at the Counter?

Dive into Telerad Tech’s software suite – the driving force behind a technological revolution in radiology.
From hospitals to diagnostic chain to individual practices, witness the efficiency redefined.

RADSpa Revolution

Immerse yourself in the AI-driven radiology workflow of RADSpa. Scalable, customizable, and integrated with RIS-PACS, RADSpa caters to the diverse needs of the entire radiology value chain.

Comprehensive Teleradiology Services

From routine coverage to subspecialty reporting, discover how our services adapt to the dynamic demands of modern healthcare, ensuring no scan goes unreported.

AI-Powered Precision

Explore our Neural Assist, Chest Assist, PE Assist, and Mammo Assist – where AI meets radiology to provide swift and accurate diagnoses, targeting an array of pathologies.

Connect with us to experience the constructive collaboration of expertise and technology. Meet our team of visionaries and let us explore how Teleradiology Solutions and Telerad Tech can elevate your radiology practices.

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Telerad Tech’s Advanced Imaging Solutions

A Comprehensive Overview of AI-Powered Specialized Assists

Neural Assist

Subspecialty: Neuro

Modality: CT

Pathologies targeted: Intracranial Hemorrhage, cranial fracture, Midline shift and Dence MCA

Processing time: 1-10 mins

Chest Assist

Subspecialty: Chest

Modality: X-Ray

Pathologies targeted: Pneumonia, Pneumothorax, pleural effusion, Cardiomegaly & Mass & Nodule

Processing time: 1-5 mins

PE Assist

Subspecialty: Chest

Modality: CT

Pathologies targeted: Pulmonary embolism and right heart strain

Processing time: 1-10 mins

Mammo Assist

Subspecialty: Breast

Modality: Mammogram

Diagnostic Proficiency: Calcification, lesion, architectural distortion, focal asymmetry, lymph nodes, breast parenchyma composition & BI-RADS Categorization.

Processing time: 5-10 mins

Beyond Routine Coverage to Specialized Expertise and 3D Imaging Excellence

From Teleradiology Solutions

Routine, Overflow & Backlog Coverage

With our flexible as-you-need model, unreported scans have become outdated. By optimizing report turnaround times, our teleradiology services ensure timely diagnoses.

Subspecialty Reporting

Access world-class subspecialty radiology expertise without the burden of hiring full-time staff. Our subspecialty trained Radiologists are well-equipped to provide high-quality subspecialty Radiology reports of Global standards.

Quality Assurance / Peer Review

Quality Overread is a peer review of the reports of a Radiologist to assess the quality and in turn, ensure compliance with the standard of patient care.

3D Imaging Services

With extensive training and experience in generating 3D views, our dedicated radiologists are specially trained to generate 3D views using protocols tailored to the clinical needs of over 45 diverse types of exams.

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