A Trust Fund for setting up Free playgrounds

People4people is a trust fund set up in 2004 in Bangalore, India with an aim to make the world around it, especially for children, a little happier.

Its activities began with setting up playgrounds in government schools that can be accessed by poor children in India. It has now extended into children’s health by supporting a free clinic at RxDx and working with children with heart disease.

People4people runs on contributions from its trustees as well as benefactors. Since all the people involved in running it are volunteers, its administrative costs are virtually zero, and all funding received goes directly into its activities.

People4People is involved in major activities listed below

The trust aims to put up playgrounds for use by children from poorer localities. Thus far People4people has put up over 394 playgrounds in government schools, mainly in the Whitefield or Hoskote area, including one in a village school in Tamil Nadu, India destroyed by the Tsunami. When they put up their first playground in the Thubarahally government school in Whitefield the joyous kids were on the slide even before the paint on it dried! The sparkle in their eyes made the effort worthwhile. And the reaction has been duplicated at every playground that has been put up.

Heart strings aims to be a resource for parents of children with heart disease in terms of second opinions and directing them to appropriate cardiac care in India; a portal for e-teaching for fellows training in Pediatric Cardiology and for Pediatricians; a second opinion on complex echoes viewed via TeleEcho; a public interest campaigner on issues related to heart disease in children.

If you have a child with heart disease who needs an interventional catheterization procedure or open heart surgery it can be a daunting task to know where to go or even, where to start looking. Heartstrings well qualified Pediatric Cardiologists can help you with your decision.

Pediatric Cardiology and cardiac surgery: Want an opinion on a center or doctor or don’t know where to go please contact us: people4people@telradsol.com

People4People supports a free clinic at RxDx by helping with medicines and consultations. Please contact us:

Free GP or Dr. Chhavi consultations
People4people Patient Discounts and for BPL Patients
Timings : Monday to Friday 1-3 pm
Lab and diagnostics : 40% concession
Pharmacy : 15% concession
Procedures : 20% concession

Also you can visit our website to register: RxDx Clinics

Free e-Teaching on Pediatric‬ ‪Cardiology

Free e-Teaching in Pediatric Cardiac Sciences

750+ e-Classes for postgraduates in India and Africa done!

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