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Integrating structural and functional imaging for computer assisted detection of prostate cancer on multi-protocol in vivo 3 Tesla MRI

Satish Viswanath ; B. Nicolas Bloch ; Mark Rosen ; Jonathan Chappelow ; Robert Toth ; Neil Rofsky ; Robert Lenkinski ; Elizabeth Genega ; Arjun Kalyanpur ; Anant Madabhushi

Screening and detection of prostate cancer (CaP) currently lacks an image-based protocol which is reflected in the high false negative rates currently associated with blinded sextant biopsies. Multi-protocol magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) offers high resolution functional and structural data about internal body structures (such as the prostate). In this paper we present a novel comprehensive computer-aided scheme for CaP detection from high resolution in vivo multi-protocol MRI by integrating functional and structural information obtained via dynamic-contrast enhanced (DCE) and T2-weighted (T2-w) MRI, respectively.

Reference: Case School of Engineering

Viswanath S, Bloch B. N, Rosen M, Chappelow J, Rofsky N, Lenkinski R, Genega E, Kalyanpur A, Madabhushi A. Integrating Structural and Functional Imaging for Computer Assisted Detection of Prostate Cancer on Multi-Protocol in vivo 3 Tesla MRI. SPIE Medical Imaging. 2009; Vol 7260.

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