Subspecialty Teleradiology Reading

Teleradiology Solutions works in partnership with its clients across the full range of radiology disciplines. With a team of highly skilled and experienced specialist Board Certified Radiologists, we raise the bar in outpatient radiology reporting of all imaging modalities, including MRI, Neuro, Body, Musculoskeletal, screening chest CT examinations, Coronary CT angiography and PET-CT.

We believe that subspecialty teleradiology reporting can help achieve maximum diagnostic benefits from radiology examination. A general radiologist may have trouble with reporting of studies such as musculoskeletal MRI. We therefore support subspecialist clinical departments or groups as well as general radiologists seeking support in a select niche within their general radiologic practice. This means that patients and clinicians can benefit from the experience and expertise of Neuro, Body or MSK specialist radiologists and most importantly this does not involve any additional costs for our clients.

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