HR Intern

  1. Qualification: BBA/MBA (from reputed institutions).
  2. Good communication, should be fluent in english.

Senior Executive HR

Talent Management expert: Responsible for all initiatives and processes within TRS group that are connected to talent development and growth. This would include building and/or modifying and seamlessly implementing the following talent management practices:

  1. Performance management system
  2. Training and development practices, from needs gathering till measuring training effectiveness
  3. Employee engagement surveys and action planning
  4. Manager and leadership development initiatives
  5. Culture building initiatives

HR generalist: Responsible for the entire employee lifecycle excepting recruitment and induction for a business/business unit. This would include:

  1. Employee Development (helping teams arrive at their training needs, on the job development, coaching employees)
  2. Employee Engagement (ensure the engagement calendar for the year is implemented for the business, the employee engagement survey is analyzed and action plans created and implemented)
  3. Performance Management System (PMS – Ensuring the performance cycle is implemented timely and with high quality, allowing for right identification and reward for the best talent)
  4. Employee Retention (conduct an analysis for reasons people leave the team and put in proactive steps in place to prevent the same)
  5. Manager development (understand the development needs for managers and coaching them to become stronger leaders)
  6. Culture building (help build and sustain a high performance culture within the team) and
  7. Succession planning (ensure all leaders and managers of the team the role supports have identified successors and have development plans in place for them)
  8. Employee grievance handling (ensure all employee grievances are handled fairly and within time)

Client Coordinator

  1. Handle calls to understand and address company’s and client’s needs and requirements.
  2. Responding efficiently and accurately to callers and ensuring that client feels supported and valued.
  3. Providing comprehensive support to all clients.
  4. Should be able to get and provide accurate information.
  5. Should be willing to work in a changing environment.
  6. Adherence to company and hospital policies.
  7. Coordinate with internal teams.
  8. Handle huge amount of inbound and outbound call volumes efficiently.
  9. Identify and escalate priority issues.
  10. Route calls to appropriate resources.
  11. Follow up with clients when necessary and complete the call.
  12. Document all call information according to standard operating procedures.
  13. Should be able to understand IT related issues and escalate to the appropriate team.
  14. Should be able to multitask.
  15. Should be able to work on multiple internal software platforms.
  16. Should monitor emails and respond whenever needed.

American Board Certified Radiologist(ABR)

What makes Radiology special?

It’s the ability to hone your vision and thoughts onto a clinical issue, analyze critical findings, tie them into a cohesive diagnosis and to communicate effectively with clinical peers, using high quality technology and workflow. And the particular satisfaction of working in emergency teleradiology is it simultaneously utilizes all your radiologic skills while working in an exciting live environment, replete with clinical interactions.

We’ve been around in this field since the beginning, and we understand and meet your needs and your aspirations.

We offer an unmatched work experience, with an abundance of operational and online educational support, in a high quality teleradiology practice, that also provides research and academic opportunities in cutting-edge areas such as advanced imaging, clinical research, AI and 3D Imaging.

Consultant Radiologist- (FRCR, MD, DNB, DMRD)

Would you like to practice radiology in a

– High tech

– High quality

– Radiologist-focussed and caring

– Academic and teaching oriented environment

Which offers you plenty of avenues for learning and growth, including exciting new opportunities in clinical trials research, Artificial Intelligence research and online education? ….then email us today at

Work at the cutting edge of radiology …in an academic teleradiology environment!

Teleradiology Solutions, India’s first and leading teleradiology group, has been voted as the Best Healthcare Services Provider in India.

We are recruiting FRCR/ MD/ DNB Radiologists to work full time from any of our three offices- Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi. Radiologists will be exposed to a mix of all modalities and a varied and interesting spectrum of pathology, and will work in a dynamic and stimulating environment with academic resources and superior technology infrastructure.

Technician - X-Ray, CT, MRI

Qualification: Diploma / BSc (Radiography / Radiology/Medical Imaging Technology / X-Ray / MRI).

Experience: 0- 10. Years.

Gender: Male / Female.

Location: Bangalore – Malleshwaram.

Medical Transcriptionist

Job description:

  1. Transcribes medical dictation to provide a permanent record of patient care.
  2. Demonstrates an understanding of the medico legal implications and responsibilities related to the transcription of patient records to protect the patient and the business/institution.
  3. Operates designated RIS, PACS, IM, word processing, dictation, and transcription equipment as directed to complete assignments.
  4. Follows policies and procedures to contribute to the efficiency of the medical transcription department.
  5. Ensure to follow HIPAA and signs the compliant form. Every patient record is password protected.
  6. Expands job related knowledge and skills to improve performance and adjust to change.
  7. Agrees to work in different time zones as required by the organization.

Desired Qualification: Any graduate or undergraduate. The candidate should have completed the MT training program with OJT and certification.

Skills and experience:

  1. Good computer skills with excellent typing speed.
  2. Knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, clinical medicine, surgery, diagnostic tests, pathology and radiology.
  3. Pharmacology and the various medical specialties as required in areas of responsibility.
  4. Knowledge of medical transcription guidelines and practices.
  5. Excellent written and oral communication skills, including English usage, grammar, punctuation, and style.
  6. Ability to understand diverse accents and dialects and varying dictation styles.
  7. Ability to use designated reference materials.
  8. Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  9. Ability to work under pressure with time constraints.
  10. Ability to concentrate.
  11. Excellent listening skills.
  12. Excellent eye, hand, and auditory coordination.
  13. Uses interpersonal skills effectively to build and maintain cooperative working relationships

Location: Bangalore

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We strive to develop and sustain our diverse community of talent through:

A wide array of benefits, competitive pay, and progressive work or life programs;
A welcoming working environment;
Numerous professional development opportunities.

The office of Human resources provides the following services:

The formulation, development and implementation of HR policies, procedures, and practices;
Support and advice on recruitment, appointment, continued employment, promotion, terms and conditions of service; and
Training and development of staff.

I was convinced that TRS was the future.

Mini Pandit, MD. ABR - Teleradiology Solutions

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