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Our Clients Say…

I am amazed with your group and how well they have served us.  Reading pediatrics is very challenging and scary for most radiologists who don’t do it every day, and your group handles our cases with aplomb.



“The service we are receiving from Teleradiology Solutions is still top notch for us”


I really do appreciate the service you guys have provided.  It helps our team be successful when we have such quality working with us.

Terri Parker BS, RT(R)(CT)ARRT

Director of Radiology,GA
Our group has been using Teleradiology Solutions for over a year and we are very pleased with the level of service they provide. At first, we were a little hesitant to use any teleradiology company because we were concerned that the quality of interpretation offered by such a company might not be as good as the reads our group gives during normal business hours. Our concerns have been completely alleviated as Teleradiology Solutions employs high quality Radiologists who give an extremely accurate and detailed report.

They are also professional in their demeanor towards our group and our referring physicians. We recommend Teleradiology Solutions as a teleradiology service very highly.

David Brummett, MD

Missouri, USA
You’re a whole level above anything I’ve previously experienced in Teleradiology

Steve Diehl, MD

Pennsylvania, USA
TRS has proved itself to be an upstanding, approachable, and highly-qualified organization.

Lawrence Ashker, MD

Michigan, USA
I know by the very nature of your situation you probably receive more criticism than praise: so I would like to say that our practice and the hospital staff are very pleased with your service. I know that when I am reading a difficult overnight case, I am always thankful I have a report from your radiologists to review.

Anthony Carter, MD

Connecticut, USA
Teleradiology Solutions has been reading our MRI’s and we have yet to find an error. Their reads are timelier, more detailed and more comprehensive than what we enjoyed before. They have helped us push for higher quality care. Their radiologists have worked with us both clinically and administratively: on imaging protocols, workflow to compare prior studies and the like – with the bottom line being improvement to our patients’ care. Any workflow obstacles are dealt with promptly and professionally. We are very satisfied and recommend them wholeheartedly.

Larry Yalich, MD

Maryland, USA
Deciding to utilize a Teleradiology service was a major decision for our radiology group. As a trauma II hospital, prompt accurate readings are essential.

When we met the Teleradiology Solutions, they assured us that they take ED physician relationships just as seriously as providing accurate readings. We, and our ER docs, have not been disappointed. We now have an accurate written record of the preliminary readings which we scan into our PACS system. Teleradiology rads are a phone call away and a follow-up call to the ED is made to ensure there are no questions. It has been a great experience for us.

We are very satisfied and strongly recommend them.

Robert Lehman, MD

Connecticut, USA
We appreciate the excellent care that Teleradiology Solutions has provided for our patients.

Matalon, MD

Pennsylvania, USA
I thank my stars every morning when I read your group’s reports, that we are working with you guys.

Fey, MD

Connecticut, USA

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