We have been thrilled with the overall level of service that we have received from TRS. We recently made a switch from a very large teleradiology company, and it has been refreshing to finally be treated like a customer and colleague, not just one of many accounts. The quality of reports is excellent, and the team has been extremely responsive to our needs for communication. Operational and clinical questions are answered quickly by a real person who is genuinely concerned about delivering the highest quality service. Billing is simple and straightforward, unlike competitors who have developed an entire schedule of add-on charges and whose bills were frequently riddled with errors. The start-up process is seamless, and I have never seen a team of physicians get credentialed so quickly.

We see teleradiology as an extension of our department. It is crucial that any teleradiology provider providers the same level of quality, speed, and service, because any problems reflect poorly on our practice. TRS is the partner we have been looking for, because they are committed to representing our department in the best way possible. Our previous teleradiology company didn’t feel like a partner, as we had frequent issues with interpersonal skills and poor treatment of referring physicians. It has been a pleasure having the teleradiology service run like clockwork in the background, knowing that our trusted colleagues are helping cover the department in the off hours.

Sanjay Shetty, MD

Massachusetts, USA
The preliminary readings provided by TRS have been terrific. The reports are very detailed, more detailed than most vRad reports. This actually saves us time when we are doing our final readings. If information is in the preliminary report regarding incidental findings that will need followup, then I don’t have to track down the ER doctor in the morning regarding the required followup.

The quality of the reports from all of the TRS doctors has been excellent. So good that I almost look at it like a game, trying to detect any finding that the TRS reader has missed.

We have submitted only one QA case in the last 4 months of service. It was an insignificant finding that had no effect on patient outcome. With vRad, we were submitting several cases a month. A few of the vRad misses were very significant.

Our Emergency Room and covering physicians have been very happy with the turn around time of the reports and the quality of the readings.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Allen Currier, MD

Connecticut, USA
We started with Teleradiology Solutions after 2 years of night coverage from one of the largest Teleradiology firms. At this week’s partners meeting there was very clear consensus that the TRS reports are more detailed and comprehensive than what we got previously.

We are also extremely satisfied with Teleradiology Solutions report timeliness. I recommend Teleradiology Solutions night-coverage to anyone considering them.

Sheldon Robbins, MD

Connecticut, USA
We were with Nighthawk, Inc for 2 years before going to Teleradiology Solutions. We have been completely happy with the switch. The benefits we have seen from the switch are more timely and accurate readings.

In over 2000 exams that have been read by Teleradiology Solutions we have not had one complaint. To show that our radiologist are precise over-readers, in any similar number of reads we would have averaged a dozen such QA discrepancies with the prior nighthawk service.

The Emergency Department Drs. particularly like having a Radiologists available to speak with if there is a question of clinical correlation with the results of the exam.

Richard Maskowsky, RT(R)(CT) and IS Manager

Connecticut, USA
We have partnered with Teleradiology Solutions and could not be happier with the service. They have consistently provided our ER physicians with high quality accurate and complete reports. Our ER physicians have been very satisfied with the speed and level of communication. We are extreme satisfied and highly recommend the group.

Daniel Kase, MD

Connecticut, USA
Your docs are awesome. More importantly, they’ve given us back our lives.

Jann Aaron, MD

Kentucky, USA
We have employed Teleradiology solutions as our “nighthawk” radiologist for the past 4 years. We have been extremely pleased with the company’s professionalism and responsiveness.

The referring clinicians have also been very pleased with level service provided. The ER physicians have been very complementary of the service.

We have been impressed with the accuracy and comprehensive reports as well. Discrepancies have been negligible and minor. I would, without hesitation endorse the service to those who are considering it.

Alpesh Patel, MD

Georgia, USA
The quality has really been as high as we ever could hope for.

Terence A. S. Matalon, MD

Pennsylvania, USA
I spoke with one of our technologist’s today. She is one of the 2 who works most nights and deals with Teleradiology Solutions. She was glowing in her praise of your group. She said they are very responsive to her queries (technical & other), very pleasant to deal with & complemented me on selecting your group(!).

Cyril Mazansky, MD

Massachusetts, USA

We are very pleased with the quality of yours radiologist’s preliminary reds. They have been some subtle cases of appendicitis, choledocolithiasis, brain infarcts and renal stones that your group has diagnosed. I have also received positive feedback from the clinicians, including the ER docs who are very happy with the service.Lastly, I should say how pleased we are with this collaboration and that your group is now a part of our practice, because we know our patients continue to receive first rate care while we sleep.


Tony Carter, MD

Connecticut, USA

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