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Teleradiology in Africa

Teleradiology In Africa

Remote Radiology has become useful to many radiology practices across Africa.

Teleradiology Solution aims at offering low-cost medical services in many emerging markets of Africa, where people are looking at affordable access to health care.

In general India is uniquely positioned to provide telemedicine services to Africa with a combination ofhigh quality healthcare delivery as well as exceptional competence in Information Technology.

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Teleradiology in Africa

Challenges of Telemedicine in Africa

Technology has had a significant impact on the field of healthcare, be it in the form of Telemedicine and Teleradiology; Laparoscopic surgeries, Bionic limbs, Robotic surgeries; 3D imaging and Real time diagnostics, and the list goes on.

With the introduction of Telemedicine, gone are the days when the physical presence of a doctor was required for treating patients. Video-based telemedicine has helped doctors, diagnose, monitor and treat patients who are remotely located using equipment that can extend from basic video conferencing to a full fledged suite of telemedicine scopes and devices.

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Remote Radiology

Value of Teleradiology in remote areas : Enhancing Access

Tripura is India’s third smallest state situated in the northeastern India with 0.3% of India’s population. It lies in a geographically disadvantageous terrain with only one major highway, connecting it to the rest of the country. For a heavily forested, geographically isolated and economically hindered state, Tripura’s largest largest contribution to the state’s gross domestic product comes from the service sector.

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