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Core values over 17 years of TRS

Core values over 17 years of TRS Blog

We recently celebrated our 17th anniversary at TRS. When asked to say a few words I reflected over the things that had remained constant since the beginning and what had changed. In terms of the aspects of our organizational culture that I feel are a constant and have remained so since the beginning of TRS, these are:

  1. Focus on quality. This is something that we have truly believed in from our inception. Ultimately there is no point practicing teleradiology unless the reporting is done at high quality as patient care is the core mission. At the beginning of the organization which was also the beginning of the industry, it was necessary to address the initial concerns about teleradiology in general and also to demonstrate that the quality of this fledgling new entity not just matched but exceeded that of its large competitors. Being JC accredited is another feature that obligates an organization to introspect on its quality practices. Today many years later as the organization spans the globe and many more radiologists in many different locations are on board, the QA process has become hugely more complex and technology plays a major role, with e-learning platform at its core, but the obsessive focus on quality remains unaltered.
  2. Culture of effort and sincere hard work. We have been blessed as an organization with an outstanding team who have given their maximum effort to deliver the goods whenever it has been needed. While I perhaps do not sufficiently appreciate this on a day to day basis, for me this was highlighted in stark relief on a day when (as seems to happen only too often) there was a political bandh called. Although we are a healthcare entity and therefore exempt from joining such protests on that day a mob invaded our office demanding that we shut down. Our managers bravely explained to the protesters that this would put patient lives at risk and politely asked them to leave which they, now convinced of the necessity for our continuing our work, proceeded to do. Hats off to our team!!!
  3. Inclusiveness – another aspect of the organization’s culture that has remained unaltered to this day is that the effort has always been to keep it non-hierarchical and the communication open and transparent.

I think it is important to sustain fundamental core values throughout the life of an organization. At the same time, it is equally important to evolve and adapt. My next blog entry will focus on those areas in which we have evolved.


Dr Arjun Kalyanpur, founder and Chief Pusher of Teleradiology Solutions was voted Frost and Sullivans Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 and was responsible for TRS becoming VCCircle’s “Best Healthcare Service Delivery Provider of the Year 2015” He was awarded Modern Medicare’s Entrepreneur of the year award in 2007, was named one of the 50 pathfinders in Healthcare in India in 2009 by Express Healthcare magazine and one of 25 healthcare influencers by Healthcare Executive in 2015.
He has been featured in Who’s Who in the World and in Medicine.
He has also been covered extensively in the media, namely ABC, NBC, CBS, the New York Times and the New England Journal of Medicine as the path-breaking pioneer of teleradiology services in Asia.
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