Remote Radiology has become useful to many radiology practices across Africa.

Teleradiology Solution aims at offering low-cost medical services in many emerging markets of Africa, where people are looking at affordable access to health care.

In general India is uniquely positioned to provide telemedicine services to Africa with a combination ofhigh quality healthcare delivery as well as exceptional competence in Information Technology.

And in the words of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi : “This is a relationship that is beyond strategic considerations. It is a relationship with a strong emotional link. It has been forged by our intersecting history; our centuries-old ties of kinship, commerce and culture; our common struggle against colonialism; our quest for equality, dignity and justice among all people; and, our shared aspirations for our progress and a voice in the world.”

Teleradiology Solutions contributions towards better patient care in Africa

Improved access to care

Access to quality healthcare is a basic right for every human being. For high-quality care to be accessible, facilities must be able to provide the services that meet the population’s need and expectations. This is especially essential when radiologist sub-specialists (e.g., MRI radiologists, pediatric radiologists, neuro-radiologists) are required because these specialists are few and are typically located in metropolitan cities. Teleradiology bridges this gap between the demand and supply. The requirement of a radiologist to be at the same location as the patients is an obsolete concept today. With the advent of technology in the fields of radiology services, even the largest of imaging studies can be transferred over a broadband network to a remote interpretation site in a matter of minutes. Teleradiology, therefore, enhances the quality of radiology reporting by bringing the images of a patient from rural areas to the most specialised radiologist who is best qualified to interpret the particular radiologic scan.

Faster treatment initiation

Teleradiology helps in quick diagnosis which in turn helps in initiating quicker treatment and better patient care. This is particularly beneficial for critical emergencies such as stroke, trauma, etc. We understand that every second count when treating a patient in the emergency department hence we have protocols specifically designed for critical emergency services.

Easy Second Opinion

When one is facing a new medical diagnosis, it’s common to feel confused.

Now share your scans with our experts and get clarity on your diagnosis. Eliminate the constraints of geographic distance and the inconvenience of travelling. Our second opinion service facilitates significant reassurance, peace of mind and confidence that you are making the best choice for your health.


The need of a patient to travel from a remote location to a city for quality care leads to considerable expenses. The condition worsens in the case of chronically ill patients, requiring complex, repetitive and expensive long term monitoring. With the introduction of teleradiology services, the need to travel to obtain a radiologic diagnosis is avoided.